About Theta Features

Service, Experienced, and Advanced Technology

Our mission is to have a positive impact on our clients by implementing relentless service, research, and execution to its fullest potential.

We thoroughly believe that a fair and transparent relationship with our clients is the key to long term participation in the futures markets. Our core value of success is integrity, solving problems together, and delivering.

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5 Reasons to trade with Theta Futures

Superior Service

We will walk you through step by step on how to get started with our online trading platform to helping you place complex trades on multiple platforms (mobile and web).

Platform Technology

Our preferred trading platform can be accessed on Windows and Mac computers. Your workspaces are saved server side which means you no longer have to worry about transferring files when you switch computers. They’re automatically saved.

Mobile Trading

Our mobile app allows you to trade custom calendar spreads and options on the go. Our platform allows simultaneous multi device login while staying connected. This allows you to run automated strategies on your desktop and monitor your account from a mobile Android or Apple device.

Exchanges and Products

Gain access to multiple exchanges and sectors such as Stock Indices, Metals, Energies, Interest Rates, Grains, Softs, Currencies and Bitcoin Futures. These futures products will allow you to speculate on market exposure and diversify your portfolio.


Investors have the ability to open a self-directed futures IRA account. Simply rolling over an old 401k to an IRA can help diversify portfolio especially during increased volatility.


Everyone has different needs and style of trading

  • Self-Directed accounts are for the individual that prefers to take control over their own trading and investments.
  • Broker-Assist accounts are beneficial to those who need a second pair of eyes to monitor your account, getting familiar with the futures market or a new to an electronic trading software.
  • Full-Service accounts are for those that have specific objectives or custom trading strategies that can’t be managed alone. You will get a dedicated broker that is by your side to support you.

Risk Management

  • First Notice and Expiration Alerts
  • SPAN Margin Requirement Tutorials
  • When to Roll Your Contracts
  • Volume and Open Interest Analysis
  • COT Report Breakdown

Spread Trading

  • Trading spreads on futures and options has never been more simple.
  • Preview initial margin requirements on exchange-listed or custom calendar spreads
  • View your long and short option value from a single screen.
  • Execute spreads on the go in the mobile App or from any web browser