About Us

Service, Experienced, and Advanced Technology

Theta Futures is the premier futures, commodities, & futures options broker that offers superior service to its clients along with low-latency execution. We understand that each client is different and we pride ourselves on the ability to meet your trading needs.

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Self Directed

Take back control over your trading and investments.

Broker Assist

Gain access and insights with a registered broker.

Full Service

Ongoing process tailored to your priorities and goals.


Download Software

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Contract Specification

Option Margin Requirements are based on the exchange SPAN calculations.



  • Futures Options Request For Quote (RFQ) functionality
  • Trade Custom Spreads
  • Option Greeks
  • Day-Trade

Personal Service

  • Experienced
  • Discover Needs & Define Goals
  • Customized Trading Plan
  • Transparent
  • 24/6 Support


  • Mobile Trading
  • Custom Charts & Indicators
  • Co-Location
  • Windows, Mac, Linux, Android & iOS applications.